Ararat Box

What's inside of Ararat Box?

Ararat Box includes 18-20 exceptional products: dried fruits, nuts, tea & coffee, sweet sujukh, sour lavash, various kinds of chocolates, halva, granola and other high quality products produced in Armenia.

Our surprise to you: You do not know what you get. Every month selection will be unique and you will receive a new authentic box. 

Here’s what you will get randomly every month from different vendors:


Various kinds of dried fruit grown in Armenia, sour lavash and interesting combinations like chocolate covered fruits or dried fruit balls. 

Armenian dried fruit


 Various kinds of chocolate mediants, bars, handmade sculptures and more. 

Armenian chocolates


Organic Armenian cinnamon, ginger or wild honey, various kinds of preserves, jams, peanut butters and creams. 

Organic Armenian. honey


Random Armenian nuts like roasted walnuts, fresh hazelnuts, peanuts in cheese, almonds in caramel and other interesting combinations every month.

Armenian nuts


Armenian thyme tea directly from the mountains, various kinds of fruit tea combinations with organic dried fruits, camomile, rosehip, buckthorn and other combinations.  

Armenian Tea


We included the best coffee vendors in Armenia, both small local farms and large industrial coffee factories. All coffees are roasted in Armenia.

Armenian coffee


Lots of other interesting goodies like granolas, gata, halva, nougats, fruit chips, sour lavash and many more.

Armenian goodies


We aim to deliver authentic Armenian gourmet experiences worldwide each month through our curated Armenian Boxes. Each selection of products is carefully tested before including in the box. We aim to support Armenian vendors to export their products into different parts of the globe and help them to grow. 

Ararat Box Armenian snack box

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